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"Last man standing," poetry by Roshan James

Last man standing

If you’ll be the last man standing I’ll be your lady smiling Come on over and sit by me Let’s watch the sun roll over the mountains If you’ll be the last man standing I would never leave you Come on closer and lean right in So I can kiss your face and drink your […]

"Trove" poetry by Roshan James


Moments between Moments Can you steal just a few? When all you really want Is a trove constant Outside Of time spent like coins Casually jingling In pockets of frivolity Wasted For seeming too little to matter

"Paper crowns" poem by Roshan James

Paper crowns

Kings and Queens With paper crowns What will you do When morning comes? When over-grand Your gestures err And smokened black The breathing air When people ask What will you know? Wisdom-less A showy show? Will you humbly Cede your lack? Or, blowing, heat A hollow stack? How do you play At life so well? […]

"For the seeds" poetry by Roshan James

For the seeds

And for Amos Is the tree ever ready To lose its leaves as one season ends And the wind changes direction? Its seeds scatter the ground Feeling the loss of their source Too soon strewn With each cold kiss of wintry breath Branches wave Remembering a warmer dance Scripting against cloudened sky The root’s exquisite […]

"Where the heart dwells in the quiet", poetry by Roshan James

Where the heart dwells in the quiet

My friends Not for a moment Believe that I forget Our sun-kissed days When a wintry silence Speaks louder Than anything I could say My friend Among the others There are so many Words That cannot be said For the winter of our love Is here Where used to be The scorching summer And Quiet […]

"Trust is lost" poetry by Roshan James

Trust is lost

I let you in I let you see Behind the curtain Of my life I let you say I let you tell All the stories Of your strife When you saw me You named the beauty No one else wanted to When I loved you I named all the moments I had ever wanted to […]

"Here is joy", poetry by Roshan James

Here is joy

Pure joy Can be simple Like looking down Realizing You have one more Bite Of something delicious It’s also like Looking Into your face Realizing You are still Here

"Like the universe depends", poetry by Roshan James

Like the universe depends

When I’m with you We cross from Heaven to Hell And back Over and Over and Over Until it is both At once That is the best way I can describe How it feels To love you Like the universe Depends on it And the best way I can describe How it feels To have […]

Are you looking for content in all the right places?" Blog post by Roshan James, Hot Quill Communications

Are you looking for content in all the right places?

All over the world, people are celebrating the end of one year and welcoming the crisp, clean slate of 2014. I can appreciate the simplicity and fresh feeling of a new start as much as the next person, but it can cause a certain heart-fluttering panic when we’re talking about clean slates, blank pages and […]

Good-bye "Crood" year, blog post by Roshan James

Good-bye “Crood” year

2014 is going to be an evolutionary step forward. I just know it. Actually, I don’t know anything about the future. This much I’ve learned over and over again this past year. But I’m hoping with every optimistic fibre of my being that we will see better things in the year to come. While I […]

"Dreamt in the dark," poetry by Roshan James

Dreamt in the dark

Let the glimmer fade The curtains fall One show ends And the stage is swept House lights dim Darkness waits While the playwright Prepares the next story Scrawled on a fresh sheet While a hummed note Introduces a new score Rising timorous from the pit Strings strummed for tuning Finding a pitch To which First […]

Choosing happy, blog post by Roshan James

Choosing happy

On a cool October day in 2012, I made a choice to follow an inkling of an idea. I can’t say it was a big dream, or that I even had a clear picture of what I was aiming for. It was the kind of now-or-never moment when a single step in a new direction […]

"Somewhere," poetry by Roshan James


The passing of minutes Moments Days or lives Doesn’t make a difference In the loving Or in the dreaming Of what could come to pass And what could be passing Somewhere Near or far from here It’s the unseeing and unfeeling That is undoing This moment

"Chance," poetry by Roshan James


It’s only a miss If we’re remiss In taking the chance Left in front of us By the benevolent forces That strum the harp And pluck the strings Into reverberation Producing notes of harmony Written on the waves Of sound, coursing Away from the source Rushing to whisper A word of caution cast aside Fetter-free […]

"Pieces of home," poetry by Roshan James

Pieces of home

I first spotted you In the curl of a Virginian wave I was tiny and the roaring giant tide Overwhelmed, threatening to pull me under And I loved every reckless moment Of salty, sandy air tripping over the waves Whipping locks of hair around my five-year-old face In my twenties I saw your name and […]

"Learning how to wait," poetry by Roshan James (Roshan Grossman)

Learning how to wait

It’s not a game Or a song Or even a movie But it’s played Mostly alone Or seemingly so Defined by a lack Patience pending Thoughts in focus Sending the mind Reeling, careening In and out of logic As we process Organize Catalogue And store Memories and the visions Slotted into lessons Lessening the pace […]

Running between raindrops," poetry by Roshan James (Roshan Grossman)

Running between raindrops

Running between raindrops Channels the waterfall within Slamming this blood-warmed bag of bones Into dampened asphalt, fissured and pitted Rhythmically cathartic contact Beats an aggressively numbing cascade Of motion set to headphoned music Leaving behind the feelings of being taken As a convenient, decorative feature Summoned and dismissed at will By those lacking vision to […]

"The way it should be," poetry by Roshan James (Roshan Grossman)

The way we should be

Can we appreciate Each other’s broken bones? Binding the wounds With stories Winding bounds Around histories Opening ourselves Wide open To expose the soft and hard parts In danger of forgetting Concealing what could be Embraced Afraid that we are too much and too little Of the wrong and right things Forgetting that we are […]

"Lest I dream," poetry by Roshan James (Roshan Grossman)

Lest I dream

One day This wait will be over And I will see your face Until then I close the door to sleep Lest I dream And find you next to me Passing a lifetime together Only to wake

How the heart breaks, poetry by Roshan Grossman

How the heart breaks

How the heart breaks And still keeps beating Testifies to the enduring spirits Of love and hope While one falters The other springs up And when both are present The world is alight With pure intent And it is enough To keep us Honest And hardworking Even though The heart breaks

May I sit - poetry by Roshan Grossman

May I sit?

May I come alongside you And just sit a spell? My feet are tired From running My legs are weary From traveling My arms are aching From holding on My mind is letting go Untethering My eyes are opening And the view is dazzling, but blurry And I don’t want to trip So may I […]

The other side of the rainbow, poetry by Roshan Grossman

The other side of the rainbow

When I was a little girl I heard about a rainbow Spreading across the sky A path to riches Unrefined and as illusory As the gold promised Undaunted and intrigued I followed blue, green and gold Until colour washed clear And I found a place, Unchecked in breadth, border and beauty Where I wanted to […]

Collapse of the universe, poetry by Roshan Grossman

Collapse of the universe

I am a moment in your eyes And in your eyes, I see A world of worlds Expanding, While around us It closes in, A universe Collapsing

Dream unpenned, poetry by Roshan Grossman

Dream unpenned

It’s not the words on the page But the absence Signifies the dream Unpenned It’s not the words spoken But the quiet Breaks into song Not yet known Even if time is scripted out And bound to a spine There are still woven Threads loose


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